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Hi, I'm Jo Lean

It was the decision to start my self-love and wellness journey in 2017 that saved me.

“Life is about remembering who you are, the light that shines within you and accessing your highest potential."

My Story

I am a former award-winning corporate event planner who turned my life around in 2017 after a devastating demotion. It was a blessing in disguise, as it highlighted to me an unfulfilling life of burnout, auto-pilot, negative self-talk/image and chronic illness. 


My journey to self-love, spirituality and wellness has transformed my life to learning to love myself wholly, to discovering blockages and releasing them and manifesting not only self-love but a romantic partner (after almost a decade of being single.)  


It was through mind, body, soul modalities that I was able to heal from the inside out.  It was the decision to put all my effort into loving, believing and trusting myself that I was worthy of greatness in all areas of my life.


In 2020, I made the leap of faith and pursued the entrepreneurial journey into wellness, hosting wellness webinars, guiding people through Positive Psychology, Meditation and Mindfulness and most recently introducing Flow Classes and Workshops.

Why I do what I do

My pain led me to my purpose…to share the light in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It was through my own journey that I discovered to understand mindset, emotional wellbeing, mindful movement and spirituality.


I believe that each and every woman has infinite power and potential to activate her higher self. To truly thrive and not just survive, to heal, release old wounds and utilize practical tools to manage life’s challenges- to live and be well.


It’s an honour to share with you on your mind, body, soul journey and guide you to connect with yourself through emotional healing and wellness and live free and in your authenticity.


Certified in: Positive Psychology, Dancing Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindfulness and Limiting Beliefs.

What is LoveSelf Wellness

Curiosity. Collaboration. Community. It’s a place to help guide you on your journey.  A source of inspiration, support and knowledge around all things mind, body, soul wellness.


Think of it like your most loving BFF sharing all the latest ideas, teachings and experts to help you feel energized, empowered and lit the F up! To help move you through your journey without doing ALL the leg work and feeling alone.


A place to heal, connect and learn tools to help you THRIVE! To help you connect with your emotions and learn how to mindfully connect with them instead of distracting from them. Your emotions are a super power- don't ignore them.

Monthly Women's Wellness Networking Events, Brunches, Flow Classes and Workshops.

Join a movement towards your wellness...

My Sweat Story

In the fall of 2019 I fell ill, doctors didn't know what happened, what I thought was the flu, turned out to be so much more. With two ER stays, an MRI, blood work and Brain CT scans nothing could detect why half my body was numb and I was fatigued.

Finally after seeing a Functional Medicine Physician and a Holistic Health Coach it was discovered I had mold toxicity and a bacterial infection...One of the things I was advised to do was sweat- sweat it out (along with a lot of other protocols.) So I did just that- I found a sweat spa in Toronto and went as doctors advised to sweat.


Fast forward a year and a half later and I found mold in my car and cleaned it up.  Well, that was silly as I inhaled mold spores and was back to feeling numb, and quite ill.  Luckily I had great support including a naturopath that also reminded me I need to sweat it out. So I did just that- I bought myself an infrared sauna blanket and within 2 weeks felt almost better than before- more energy, skin was glowing, sleep was amazing, body felt great, and increased my mood too.  And the mold was gone! I detoxed it away.

That's when I knew I needed to share the light (infrared light therapy) with others!

Curious to try an infrared sauna blanket for yourself?

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